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Product Code : Product Name :
LIPE-101 Tablet Hardness Tester Motorized
LIPE-103 Portable Tablet Hardness Tester
LIPE-105 Tablet Hardness Tester – 3 Parameters
LIPE-107 Tablet Hardness Tester – 4 Parameters
LIPE-109 Tablet Hardness Tester – 5 Parameters
LIPE-111 Tablet Hardness Tester Monsanto Type
LIPE-113 Digital Friability Tester
LIPE-115 Microprocessor Friability Tester
LIPE-117 Microprocessor Tablet Disintegration Test Apparatus - 2 Basket
LIPE-119 Microprocessor Tablet Disintegration Test Apparatus – 4 Basket
LIPE-121 Digital Tablet Disintegration Test Apparatus
LIPE-123 Suppository Disintegration Tester
LIPE-125 Tablet Dissolution Test Apparatus
LIPE-127 Microprocessor Tablet Dissolution Test Apparatus
LIPE-129 Microprocessor Dissolution Test Apparatus -6/8 Basket
LIPE-131 Microprocessor Dissolution Test Apparatus -14 Basket
LIPE-133 Digital Bulk Density Apparatus
LIPE-135 Digital Tapped Density Apparatus
LIPE-137 Digital Antibiotic Zone Reader
LIPE-139 Diffusion Cell Apparatus
LI-PE-141 Lacquer Porosity Test Apparatus
LIPE-143 Leak Test Apparatus
LIPE-145 Student Kymograph
LIPE-147 Digital Kymograph
LIPE-149 Super Speed Kymograph
LIPE-151 Physiograph (Single /Double /Triple Channel)
LIPE-153 Tablet Inspection Machine
LIPE-155 Tablet Hardness Tester : Pfizer Type
LIPE-157 Dissolution Offline Sampling System
LIPE-159 Spirometer
LIPE-161 Digital Isolated Organ Bath
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